Colby Rasmus to the Baltimore Orioles?


In the past few days we’ve started hearing rumors of the Baltimore Orioles pursuing free agent outfielder Colby Rasmus. As is the case with anything else, it really boils down to the contract and the amount of money – both from Rasmus’ point of view as well as that of the Orioles. However the first question for the Orioles is whether or not Rasmus is the right fit. Last year he hit a whopping .225 with an OBP of .287 (and 18 homers). However in 2013 he hit .276 with an OBP of .338 (both years with Toronto). So which Rasmus would come to Baltimore?

Photo: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s be clear; signing Rasmus will not be replacing Nick Markakis. However it might stablize the outfield a bit in the sense that there wouldn’t be as much of a platoon between DH, LF, & RF with Delmon Young, Steve Pearce, and perhaps even David Lough. I suspect that Colby Rasmus is a guy who would start in the outfield on a semi-regular basis. However the issue then becomes the fact that he’s played mostly center field in his career. The O’s aren’t about to slide Adam Jones out of center, so odds are Rasmus would find himself in a corner outfield slot – most probably right field.

Ultimately it’s a matter of opinion as to whether or not Rasmus fits into the lineup. The real question is whether or not he fits in the clubhouse.Keep in mind that the Orioles vet personalities and attitudes much better than almost every other team out there. If that’s not the right fit, odds are he doesn’t find himself in Baltimore.

There are varying opinions on whether or not Rasmus would be a fit in the lineup or in the clubhouse, however the fact is that he’s an option. And as the days get longer the options do in fact seem to be running out. My personal opinion is that if the price and the terms are right, the Orioles find a way to bring Colby Rasmus to Baltimore.