A few Orioles housekeeping notes


Earlier this week MLB announced that the Baltimore Orioles would take part in the league’s annual Civil Rights game, which will be on May 30th at Minute Maid Park in Houston. The Orioles will be in town as part of a four-game series with the Astros, the Friday game of which will be the Civil Rights game. It’s become an annual tradition and it airs nationally on MLB Network. Speaking for myself, I’ve always felt that this was a great thing for the league to do. I tell people all the time that I would have loved to have had the opportunity to have seen a game in the old Negro Leagues, as I know that the competition was at an immense level.

However again speaking for myself, I think that the league could afford to do more in this department. As an example, the Negro League museum is in Kansas City; why shouldn’t the Royals host the Civil Rights game every year? I would also call on the league and/or the Orioles to have the Birds wear the uniforms of the old Baltimore Black Sox in this specific game, as that would tap into the Negro League history in the city of Baltimore. All of that said, this is something that will give the Orioles some national exposure on a very positive stage.

The Orioles also announced this week that their annual FanFest celebration would be held on

Courtesy of Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

February 1st at the Baltimore Convention Center. The past few seasons the team has hosted FanFest in January, however if I recall there’s also been a few weather situations involving snow some years as well. Not that February has any less snow I suppose; ultimately it probably has more to do with getting the date closer to when pitchers and catchers report than anything else. It could also be a scheduling issue! Nevertheless, I would recommend any Orioles fan to attend FanFest, as it’s a great event with attractions and exhibits for kids of all ages (and that includes kids 18+). Admission has been $10 in the past, although that price hasn’t been confirmed to my knowledge by the team for this year. As I’ve told people in the past, FanFest includes the allure of any Orioles home game minus the actual game!