Birds Watcher thanks Orioles fans!


With the 2013-’14 off season now into it’s second full day, I’d like to take a moment to thank the fans of the Baltimore Orioles for their patronage this season. Birds Watcher is in effect a 24-hour operation, and on behalf of all of our staff writers I can’t stress enough how much we appreciate the comments and readership over the course of 162 games this year. One of the greatest assets that baseball offers it’s fans is the continuous litany of games on a daily basis, as opposed to having a couple of days or a week in between games. This has kept us busy all spring, summer, and now into the fall, and again the support has been greatly appreciated!

Courtesy of Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

As we now transition into the off season, our coverage of the Orioles will not relent. You won’t see daily game previews or recaps from me until the dawn of spring training next season, however we’ll have fresh content on a daily basis here at Birds Watcher. Later this week I’ll publish an “official” season recap of 2013, and I’m sure we’ll have some coverage from afar of the MLB playoffs. Before we know it the winter meetings will be upon us, which always brings a flurry of news and notes. Once we get through the holidays, January normally brings Orioles’ FanFest, followed by pitchers and catchers reporting two weeks following the Super Bowl!

However again, we do want to thank all of you for your support during this season. Like any other it had it’s high and low points, but one way or the other it’s baseball. Stick with us through the off season, and before we know it ol’ blue will be yelling PLAY BALL! Please feel free to follow all of us on various forms of social media: