What are your impressions of the 2013 Orioles thus far?


With last night’s 6-3 win over Pittsburgh in Bradenton, the Baltimore Orioles are 10-2-1 thus far in Grapefruit League play. (Incidentally I’m counting the 19-7 win over Spain this past week in that win/loss total even though the Spanish team was treating the game as a warm-up to the WBC.) Needless to say, the Birds have looked very decent thus far. We still have a long way to go in spring play, and a lot of innings to log that don’t count for anything. As they say in the NFL, come April 2nd the slate gets wiped clean. However my point has always been that if you’re going to play these exhibition games, you might as well play to win.

Courtesy of Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

All of that aside, I would ask Orioles fans to leave their thoughts of what they’ve seen thus far in the comments section of this column. It’s really tough to start predicting things at this point, be them good or bad. However we’ve seen enough games to at least begin to form an opinion. Good or bad, what do you think? Does what you’ve seen thus far make you want to run out and buy tickets to a few games, or perhaps a season plan? Do you have any concerns, comments, or opinions about the team? Let me know what you think, as the pulse of the fans is of great importance to any team in any sport.