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As always you can read Birds Watcher everyday for updates on the Baltimore Orioles, because that’s what we do. However spring 2013 brings us a whole new “front” to cover regarding baseball, as we’ll have the World Baseball Classic. Conveniently, Orioles’ centerfielder Adam Jones has been granted the honor of representing the United States. Based on his tweets and comments, he appears to be incredibly honored to have been selected to represent his country in the tournament (if you want to call it that).

Given that a member of the Orioles will be playing for Team USA, Birds Watcher staff writer Margaret Hooper will be keeing an eye on the progress of the team and of Adam Jones. Here at Birds Watcher we try to provide objective coverage while keeping in mind that we’re covering the Orioles. However I can tell you that for me personally I can’t be objective when it comes to the WBC. We’re all Americans and we should all be rooting for Team USA. I’ve had fans tell me that they hope the United States gets bounced in the first round so that their favorite teams can get their players back into camp to prepare for the regular season. I think that’s a horrible attitude to take. Granted there is some concern on the part of fans what affect Jones being away for a period will have on him and on the team, however this is our country that we’re talking about! I would submit to fans across MLB that other countries take this type of competition very seriously, and that Americans should as well. There’s nothing I’d like to see more than the stars and stripes flying in celebration at the WBC.

That said, you can find Margaret on twitter @missmaegarita11. She’ll be providing a brief recap of each game as well as analysis on Team USA and Adam Jones’ contributions.