What will the Orioles unwrap come 2013?


I’ll be very brief this morning given that it’s Christmas. We all have things to do, and I’m sure that spending too much time reading this column probably isn’t tops on your list! However now that all of the presents under the tree are unwrapped, what gifts will the Baltimore Orioles look to open up for the coming 2013 season? Speaking for myself, there are two glaring items that need addressing:

  • Starting pitcher – The O’s seemed to stay ahead of the curve in 2012 with the pitching, but there were some holes for sure. If they could sign or aquire a solid starter to shore up the staff that they already have, I think they’ll be in good shape. I would also say this is contingent on the Birds getting Joe Saunders back. Saunders was a free agent after the season, and he was durable for the Birds down the stretch.
  • First base – The O’s are a bit hesitant to go into the season with Chris Davis at first base like they did last year. Davis seemed a bit slow with the glove down there, and while he’s certainly an option I think the Orioles would rather have someone else in that spot. Most of the speculation is that either Adam LaRoche or Michael Morse (currently of Washington) might be in line to come to the Orioles, but speculation is to be taken at face value.

If the Orioles can unwrap those two gifts before the beginning of spring training, I think they’ll be in good shape. With that said, I hope that each and every one of you has a very Merry Christmas, and enjoys today with your families!