2012 Orioles BUCKle Up one more time!


Whatever you think of the Baltimore Orioles’ public relations effort over the years, “this is one that they got right.” The Orioles announced yesterday that they are producing a DVD video entitled The BUCKle Up Birds: An Underdog Story. It’s an NFL Films-style program about the 2012 Orioles and their magical run into the playoffs. The DVD is available for sale immediately online, and fans can visit www.orioles.com/buckleup to reserve their copy. The DVD’s won’t ship until mid-January, however I suspect that they’ll go quickly so it would be wise to get on board early and get one. The cost is $25 per DVD, including processing and shipping and handling.

Courtesy of Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I feel that the Orioles doing something like this shows they do in fact care about their fans. Many people will point out that they’re charging people for the DVD, however I can’t say I blame them for that. Even if the O’s go on a run of 10 straight seasons where they make the playoffs I think that 2012 will always be special to the fans. On August 20th in this column I dubbed this team the “return to glory Orioles.” I suppose that the coming years will determine whether or not the franchise has in fact returned to it’s past glory. However for one year at least I think it was a fitting name. Now fans can commemorate this amazing campaign with this great DVD forever.

As we move towards New Years Eve (and thus the end of the 2012 calendar year) we’ll take a look back at the key moments of the year for the Birds, however I’m not sure that there’s ever been such an impromptu or more random group of guys that’s come together to reach such an improbable goal. That said, I would recommend that any fan out there consider purchasing the DVD so that you can always go back and re-live it. You can visit www.orioles.com/buckleup to purchase the DVD, and you’ll also find a short clip of it on the site as well.