O’s fans should give thanks


I’ll keep this very brief today, as we all have our families, friends, meals, and football on our minds on Thanksgiving Day. However as a fan base, Baltimore Orioles fans should be giving thanks to a lot. I don’t need to remind people of the last 15 years; Davey Johnson leaving town in 1997, the consecutive losing seasons, botched on-field decisions, botched personnel decisions, etc. Then came 2012, which started out with less promise, hope, and overall enthusiasm from the fans than one would have seen from the turkey eaten at Plymouth Rock on the first Thanksgiving…

…but 2012 was different. We all know the story now, and as I’ve said previously I think it’s the “greatest story ever told.” I always loved the clip that’s often shown on NFL Films where the Ravens are kicking off for the first time at Memorial Stadium in 1996. They dubbed Scott Garceau’s voice (the “voice of the Ravens” at the time) onto the telecast and he’s saying, “…Baltimore, you are back where you belong.” That’s exactly the sentiment that 2012 really represents for the Orioles and the fans. The franchise returned to contention and thus back where they belong in the world. For that, Orioles fans should give thanks.

Courtesy of Debby Wong-US PRESSWIRE

Of course all of the people involved in the campaign should be shown that gratitude as well; from Showalter to Duquette, to the numerous players, scouts, and front office personnel. They all played a part, and will continue to do so moving forward. For all of these pieces, Orioles fans should give thanks today and everyday.

It goes without saying that in truth we shouldn’t give thanks to anything remotely resembling sports today. We should spend the day giving thanks for our families and friends, and for the freedom to be able to spend today with them. (Yes, that includes you poor souls spending the holiday with your in-laws today!) From my family to yours, I wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings and a wonderful holiday season.