Orioles coverage never stops on Birds Watcher!


I’m still a bit numb not to have a Baltimore Orioles game to cover on a daily or nightly basis! If there’s anything that personifies the idea that when it’s over, it’s OVER, it would be the cold and abrupt ending to a sports season. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself over the next few months; for starters I have my Washington Redskins season tickets, and I’m really interested in what the Ravens are doing as well. However my Saturdays now will be dedicated to Randy Edsall and the Maryland Terrapins, and of course the Terps’ basketball team will soon take to the court under the guidance of Mark Turgeon. You’ll also catch me at an occasional Washington Wizards game perhaps, and if all else fails I suppose I’ll have to get back into watching television programs.

I said above that I was “numb not to have the Orioles to cover” any longer. That’s somewhat factually inaccurate, as the Orioles coverage never ends here at Birds Watcher! First off I want to thank Randy Buchman, Olivia Witherite, Andrew Vigliotti, and Brad Kronthal for being a part of the Birds Watcher staff this season. Thanks for your hard work and for the great content you provided! I also want to thank the great folks over at MASN, the television home of the Orioles. They had me as a guest writer during the second half of the season, and it’s something with which I had a lot of fun. Writing in that forum was very rewarding, and it’s an experience that I’ll treasure. As I said, Orioles’ coverage never ends here at Birds Watcher and we’ll have fresh content daily involving the Orioles. Obviously some of that will pale in comparison to the daily grind of the season where we’re talking about actual games, however they don’t call it the off season for nothing!

Courtesy of Joy R. Absalon-US PRESSWIRE

At some point in the next 3-5 days I’ll come out with a formal season recap/review. A couple of people asked me why I haven’t done it already, and the answer to that is I want to take a step back and “digest” the events of the past six months in full. Furthermore, I’d also like to thank the 2012 Orioles for giving me so many potential talking points as we progress through the off season. I think that we’ll probably discuss quite a few aspects of this season for quite awhile given the success thereof; it was one HECK of a ride. And as we go through the off season there’ll be bits and pieces of news that will break regarding the Orioles. The winter meetings of course will take place in a short month-and-a-half or so from now in December. January will probably bring a “hot stove” period where we might talk some about potential free agents and so forth, and of course Orioles Fan Fest 2013. Spring Training will be a bit longer next year due to the World Baseball Classic, which will also get some print here on Birds Watcher. And then…the grind begins again once we start Grapefruit League play! So stick with us throughout the off season folks, because we’re here 365 days a year providing Orioles coverage. Now about that football thing…!