Catch your humble correspondent’s column on the O’s TV network!


It’s hard to imagine that the all-star break will be upon us next week! When I was a kid I remember feeling like the summer was an endless charade of baseball and the beach. Now it goes so quickly! Nevertheless, I’m very pleased to announce a new endeavor on my own behalf which will begin shortly after the break. Starting on Monday, July 16th, I’ll be writing a guest column as part of the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network’s lineup of guest writers. This is a program that MASN started last year, and quite frankly it’s to their credit that they give that kind of exposure to writers such as myself.

I’ll still be carrying out all of my duties as the Senior Editor here at Birds Watcher, however my pieces for MASN will be more flavored with opinion and facts as opposed to the daily game recaps and previews that I write here. Kind of scary, huh?! Birds Watcher staff writer Olivia Witherite represented our site during the first half of the season, and in my opinion she did a great job. I can only hope that I don’t drop the ball in that regard! Nevertheless as I said the first column will be on Monday, July 16, 2012. You can catch the column every Monday from then until the end of the season. I want to thank all of the folks at MASN for this opportunity, as I’m really excited about it. I also want to thank you folks, the readers at Birds Watcher. This would not have been possible if not for the people that read this column on a daily basis and comment on it. To all of you, I offer my most sincere of thanks’. You can read the weekly column (starting July 16th) by visiting

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