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Nowhere better for Orioles fans than the Yard


By Olivia Witherite (@oliviawitherite)

I have been so fortunate to have an amazing job working at Camden Yards this summer. With the Battle of the Beltways in full swing this weekend, I had the opportunity to really interact with fans in both red and blue and orange and black.

Obviously, the fans from Baltimore make me smile a little bigger. The series versus the Nats this weekend brought in the biggest crowd of the season, 133,983, including two sellouts. Each night, as I looked out the window from an upper level, I was so thrilled to see the seats filled, and filled with orange for that matter.

I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again, there is nothing better than walking down Eutaw Street or looking at a crowd packed with Orioles fans.

Granted, the team is doing very well, and to say that they are exceeding preseason expectations would be an embarrassing understatement. And with wins come fans. However, Baltimore baseball fandom should not hinge on the team’s record.

If I didn’t work at the Yard, I can tell you for certain that I wouldn’t want to miss Matt Wieters’ go-ahead home run, the smell of Boog’s on Eutaw Street, the strong start by Jake Arrieta, the nail-biters or Hammel pitching well enough to draw strong All-Star consideration. And that was just this weekend.

So, even with the offense struggling, I encourage you to come out the Yard. Even if the Orioles were to start slipping, for O’s fans, there is no better place than Camden.

Keep heading out to the Yard, or start heading out to the Yard, so I can keep that big grin as I look down at the stands.

Here’s a picture that I took of Eutaw Street this weekend.