Dylan Bundy Performance Updates 5/26/12


FanSided will be providing LIVE coverage of the Dylan Bundy outing from Frederick.  Bundy at the most will be pitching five innings tonight.  Also coverage from the press conference after the game.  I will be updating what the Keys do at the plate via twitter/facebook.  Follow me on twitter @Andrew_Vig.

First inning:

  • Salem CF Jackie Bradley JR. leads off with a single to right field.
  • Salem 2B Sean Coyle popped to Second Baseman Bobby Stevens
  • Salem DH Ryan Kalish struckout by a 97 mph fastball.
  • With Salem 1B Travis Shaw at the plate, Bradley JR. is out at second in a stolen base attempt.

Overall notes: Bundy’s fastball has a lot of zip to it. He gave up the lone hit to Bradley JR.  The fastball topped around 97 mph in the first inning.  He had good location with his breaking pitches.  A get-me over curveball in attempt to get the hitters out in front.  Bundy blew Ryan Kalish, who is in a rehab stint for the Redsox out of the water with a 97 mph fastball.  Kalish didn’t want any part of it.  Bundy looks strong early on.

Bundy has a lot of zip on his fastball today. It looks like he has some butterflies in his first start in the Carolina League.

Second Inning:

  • First baseman Travis Shaw grounds to first baseman on a first pitch fastball at 96 mph.
  • Shortstop Xander Boegarts strikes out on three pitches.
  • Catcher Christian Vasquez pops to the catcher.

Overall Notes: Bundy had a quick 1-2-3 inning.  Again he is in control of all his pitches.  The fastball is in the 95 to 97 mph range.  He likes to throw the curveball for a first pitch strike as well.  Good gameplan to start.  It is a packed house for Dy-linsanity. 26 pitches (18 strikes)

Third Inning:

Even Bundy is prone to giving up the roller down the third base line hit.  Salem Third baseman Michael Almanzar reached base on an infield single. Left fielder Michaem Marquis strikes out.  Right fielder Matty Johnson hit a bloop single to left field.  Bundy was consistently around 98 mph to Jackie Bradley JR., who struck out looking in his second at-bat. Second baseman Sean Coyle strikes out swinging.

Overall Notes: With his bullpen session before the game, it looked like he was utilizing his game plan with his off-speed pitches.  He told me in an interview Friday he worked on his changeup a lot in Delmarva.  He is efficient with all his pitches.  The big key between Delmarva and Frederick is the pitch selection.  Bundy needs to work in more off-speed pitches to get hitters out in front.  The difference between his 95-98 mph heater to his curveball is about 20 mph and is devastating.

Bundy’s pitch count: 48 pitches (32 strikes)

Fourth Inning:

The infield singles continue as Ryan Kalish beat out a ball hit to Shortstop Michael Rooney.  It was a tough play to his right.  Bundy fell behind in the count, but still caught a tough break. Travis Shaw crushes a fastball that went out of the ballpark. Xander Boegarts strikes out swinging, Christian Vasquez flies to right field. Michael Almanzar grounded to third base.

Overall notes: Bundy served up the homerun to Shaw on a 1-1 pitch around 93-95 MPH.  A good pitcher isn’t always about domination, it’s bouncing back after making a mistake.  He did that in the fourth inning.  Still an encouraging outing.

Bundy’s pitch count: 66 pitches (43 strikes).

Fifth Inning:

  • Salem Left fielder Matthew Marquis grounded to third on a tricky hop for the first out.
  • Salem Right fielder Matty Johnson an infield single as Bobby Stevens slipped at second base.
  • Salem  Centerfielder Jackie Bradley JR., grounds into 4-6-3 inning-ending double play.

Bundy’s day is done.

Bundy’s official line: 5 IP, 6 H, 2 ER, 6 K’s 78 pitches (53 strikes)

More Bundy coverage following the Keys game…