Roster Review: Chris Jakubauskas


Note: This is an off-season feature where Birds Watcher looks at every member of the roster and recaps what he did, if he’ll stay, and what he’ll do next season.

Jakubauskas’s Review wasn’t on the top of my list; however, he recently signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks so I thought now would be a good time to get his review done.

He’s most famous for, if he’s famous at all, for being hit in the head with a ball after a batter hit his pitch. Following his recovery process, he got hit again in the head.

With the Orioles, he didn’t do much. He finished the season with a 5.72 ERA, 52 strikeouts, and a 1.69 WHIP. Nothing great.

He was part of the starting rotation for a few weeks in July, making 5 starts. He pitched 5 innings in all of his starts and went 2-1 in those starts. Besides that, he was a member of the bullpen pitching up to 3 innings in relief at times. He didn’t do anything special for the team mostly just helping them get through games. One thing he was terrible at was keeping the ball in the park. He gave up 11 homers in 33 appearances, which is a 33% chance a batter would hit a home run off of him.

Although the bullpen is depleted, he wasn’t helping the Orioles so I’m not disappointed to see him go. Neither are the guys on the radio who said “As for other Orioles news, we heard some sad breaking news that Chris Jakubauskas has signed with the Diamondbacks.” Obviously, they were being sarcastic and went on to say he probably left because no one here could pronounce his name.

Maybe he’ll do better in Arizona.

As for a grade, I give Jakubauskas a D.