GM Search Update


Yesterday, I gave you an update on how things were going in the Orioles front office.

I have a few more tidbits to share with you. Tony LaCava, the assistant GM for the Blue Jays, was interviewed today. It hasn’t been reported on how it went or anything but after Dipoto, he’s the next guy in line with the best chance of getting the job.

As for the Diamondbacks’ Jerry Dipoto’s interview Tuesday, many are reporting that it went very, very well. Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun suggests (in a great article by the way) that Jerry Dipoto has the edge because he has experience being a (interim) GM and Baltimore will only interview 4 or 5 people whereas the Angels (Dipoto’s other option) are interviewing a long list. The Orioles may have a new GM by the end of the World Series, even if we don’t hear about it until after.

Finally, there’s a new name that’s being thrown around. Rangers executive Thad Levine could be interviewed if the Orioles don’t hire someone by the end of the World Series. Obviously, Levine is a bit busy now but he grew up around Arlington, VA as a big Orioles fan. He’s a longshot but if Dipoto takes the Los Angeles job and LaCava doesn’t work out, it could happen.

For now, all’s quiet as the O’s don’t have any other interviews scheduled. They will definitely interview at least one or two more guys, but not much more than that. Stay tuned.