Predicting the Divisional Series

By Editorial Staff

Note: I know I’m late on this. I did have the article written prior to the start of the playoffs; however, I saved it as a draft and forgot to publish it. No content has been changed to reflect the outcome of the first two games in each series.

What a crazy game 162 of baseball to end the regular season. Everything that happened in the Red Sox collapse, the Rays win, the Braves collapse, and Cardinals win is what makes post season baseball so exciting. You never know what’s going to happen and that’s why they play the games, as the saying goes. So, I’m going to go series-by-series and predict the outcome. I could do a full prediction now throughout the playoffs but I’d rather go series-by-series. I will say right now, just to give you my prediction, that it will be Tigers vs. Phillies in the World Series with the Phillies winning in 6 games. That’s what I say right now but if one of those teams is eliminated in the divisional or championship series, I will change my prediction to reflect that.

Alright let’s get right into it.

NLDS: Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Milwaukee Brewers
Who would have though the Dbacks would win the NL West? I didn’t. I like both of these teams though just on a general fan standpoint. Even though no one really cares about this series because they aren’t big market teams, I think it’s going to be a good one.

I have to go with Prince and the Brewers though. It’s going to be close and it’s going to take 5 games but the Dback pitchers, even though they’re good, can’t beat the offense that Milwaukee has.

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NLDS: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Phillies
It’s funny that the Phillies swept the Braves to deny them a chance in the post season because that sets up this series, the one I think the Phillies will struggle with the most. The Cardinals are a good team and it helps to have the greatest player in the game right now, The Machine aka Albert Pujols, on your team. He’s an animal. To top it off, the Cardinals won the season series over the Phillies 9-6. Yes, the playoffs are a new season but still. I think the Phillies struggle with this one.

However, in game 5 at Citizens Bank Park, Roy Halladay doesn’t disappoint. He dominates as usual and, even though he doesn’t throw another no-no, he does throw a shut-out to send the Phils to the NLCS.

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ALDS: Tampa Bay Rays vs. Texas Rangers
This is a hard one. I think the Rangers are a better team but the Rays are so, so hot and coming off that amazing 12-inning game 162 win against the Yankees after being down 7-0. I think this is a better series than most people think and the Rays cause some serious trouble. However, I still can’t pick against the Rangers with Young and C.J. Wilson (future Oriole??) and I say they take it in 5.

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ALDS: Detroit Tigers vs. New York Yankees
Woo! This is the big match-up and it’s going to be a great one. I mean what’s more to say than Verlander vs. Sabathia. Boy is it going to be great. I like the Tigers as a fan and in this series. The Yankees have no other pitching besides Sabathia and Detroit has Scherzer. Both have good offenses. Yankees take the edge in offense but Detroit has it in pitching and pitching is always more important. The Tigers win it in 4 at home.

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