Around the League: Giving You More Reasons to Hate the Red Sox and Yankees


Editor’s Note: This will be a new feature running in which major happenings around the league (obviously) will be discussed. Typically, more important things are going on than what the Orioles are doing because the Orioles do nothing but lose.

Both the Red Sox and Yankees had reason to celebrate in their respective games last night. Well for one, they both won including a complete rout by the Red Sox, so that should be reason enough right there. BUT, there are even bigger reasons.

As for the Red Sox, Tim Wakefield (yep, he’s STILL around) got his 200th career win last night against the Jays. It’s kind of hard to not get a win when the offense scores 18 runs for you, but after reaching 199, it took him quite a few games to get the big 2-0-0, and crazier things have happened. Great. Good for him. Boo Red Sox.

Even worse, the Yankees have yet another reason to brag about how awesomely awesome they are in that Mariano Rivera earned his 600th career save to become the closer with the 2nd most saves of all time. He’s just 1 save behind the leader, Trevor Hoffman. (Wow, Wikipedia already updated that Rivera earned his 600th. I feel like people wait around for things to change and immediately go edit them on Wikipedia.) Blah blah SHUT UP Yankees fans. I hate you and all that you stand for. I also hate you for the fact that you have not just the best closer of all time, but any semblance of a closer, whereas we down here in poor Baltimore have Kevin Gregg.