Kevin Gregg and Closer Should Not Be Used in Same Sentence


Really Buck Showalter? Why the hell does he even bother putting him in the game in the closing situation. He NEVER gets the save. He cannot even be considered a closer at this point.

The Orioles went into the bottom of the 9th with a 4-3 lead over the Blue Jays, looking for their 4th straight win.

It started with Rapada getting a strike out. He’s a lefty specialist so after Cooper, Gregg came in the game. Every Orioles fan probably sighed, yelled, or changed the channel. However, he got Lawrie to strike out. 2 outs, 1 to go before the win. Then it started. He walked Kelley Johnson. Jose Molina singled but Johnson only got to 2nd. Then he hit Loewen, loading the bases with 2 outs. Finally, the un-fucking-thinkable happened. Even worse than giving up a hit. He threw a WILD PITCH to allow the tying run to score. Like seriously???? To make things worse, Showalter left Gregg in the game!! And people seriously still think Buck is the answer and is a great manager. No he’s not. He is way too stubborn, set in his way, and is a micro-manager, getting into business that isn’t his.

Anyways, then Gregg, of course, couldn’t get out of it with a tie game to at least give the O’s a chance because he gave up a walk-off single to Arencibia.

Gregg has become the biggest joke out of this entire team, which is a joke in itself. He’s getting paid $4,200,000 for one season and he’s registered 20 saves!! Compare that to Brian Wilson with 35, Mariano Rivera with 39, Jonathan Papelbon with 29, and Ryan Madson with 29. Yeah, 20 doesn’t look too good now does it.

The Orioles also try to convince themselves that he isn’t as bad as everyone says. After the loss, a writer wrote an article about it, which he titled it “Bullpen falters as Blue Jays rally past Orioles.” Ummmm excuse me Mr. Journalist, seeing as the “starter” VandenHurk lasted only 2 1/3 innings and gave up the only 3 runs the Jays scored all game except in the 9th, I’d day the bullpen friggin’ rocked it. The pen pitched a full 7 innings giving up one walk and NO hits and NO runs. Really? The bullpen faltered? No. The only one who faltered was Kevin Gregg and I can’t even call him a pitcher at this point. I mean, I wouldn’t call myself a pitcher and I pretty much guarantee I’d do better than him.

Needless to say, I despise this guy and hope that was his last outing in an Orioles uniform. But with Buck Showalter in as manager, something different wouldn’t surprise me.