Who Woulda Thunk It? Orioles Split Double-Header with Yankees


If someone asked me a week ago “How many games will the Orioles win out of the upcoming 4-game series with the Yankees?” I would have said most likely zero, one maybe, but only if we get lucky.

Already, the O’s have taken 2 of the 4 while splitting the double-header they played last night. After sweeping the Twins in 4 games, my confidence in the team changed and I thought they would win one, but only win two if we were lucky. However, this team is now playing like they want to win. From June until a week ago, it seemed as if our guys would do anything in their power to lose a game. Now, the tables have turned and they’re playing their asses off to do anything in their power to win games. I have been racking my brain for days now as to how this could change all of a sudden and I’ve come up with absolutely nothing. I’m not sure if Showalter is changing things up in the locker room, if pitchers are being told their jobs are on the line, or if they’ve changed their diet up. I really don’t get it.

The day game yesterday was awesome and not just because the O’s won. Zach Britton was as hot as I’ve ever seen him. He went out there and pitched 7 innings giving up only 4 hits, all of which were singled, and no runs. He also only walked one and struck out 5 in his career-high 120 pitch showing. He’s been dominant in his first 2 outings after coming back from the DL, which is a great sign for him, the Orioles, and us fans. If he hadn’t been on the mound, I guarantee the Orioles would have lost because this game was a pure pitching duel, like the type you see in the National League. Unfortunately for Bartolo Colon, who lasted 7 2/3 innings but gave up 6 hits and 2 runs, which was too much in this game that was going in with no score in the 7th inning. That was until Markakis hit a lead-off double and Vladimir Guerrero singled with 1 out. In the 8th, the Orioles added on another run after Reynolds and Ryan Adams hit consecutive singles followed by an RBI single by J.J. Hardy with 2 outs. In the 9th, Kevin Gregg came in (Showalter continues to have confidence in him no matter what) and somehow pitched a scoreless inning after giving up a single but getting ARod to ground into a double play. It was a very good pitching and defensive win for this team who’s starting pitchers seem to be gaining confidence recently. I’m not sure why they waited until now, with a month left in the season, to start pitching well again after getting off to such a great start, but at least they’re winning some games now.

Unfortunately, the O’s couldn’t hold on to sweep the double-header as they lost 8-3 at the night game. It started off well since the O’s scored a run in the first and second inning making it 2-0 early. Then Matusz allowed a single and a walk before giving Curtis Granderson a ball to slam 438 feet so the Yankees could take the 3-2 lead. However, the O’s scored yet another run in the 3rd to come right back and tie it up. Then all was well until the 6th. Matusz had gotten himself together and retired 7 consecutive batters before allowing a single to Traitor Teixeira. After that, Matusz gave up a home run to Robinson Cano followed by a home run to Nick Swisher. After that, Chris Jakubauskas was put in the game and he gave up a home run to Andruw Jones, making the score 7-3. Curtis Granderson would hit one more solo shot in the 7th off of Mark Hendrickson (who we haven’t seen in a while) before their offense quieted down for the night.

Even though it was a disappointing rout, you have to be happy with how the Orioles have been playing recently. Now we can only hope that they go out there tonight and win to be able to win consecutive series. That’d be great. Trying to do that tonight is Alfredo Simon who’s coming off a dominant outing in Minnesota. Guthrie was originally scheduled on the mound but that changed because of the schedule. It’s lucky for us though because originally scheduled for the Yankees was that pesky C.C. Sabathia but instead, the O’s take on Freddy Garcia, who’s also a really good pitcher, but he’s no Sabathia.