Position Outlook: Second Base


I’ve added a new feature called Position Outlook where I take a look at a position and what the future holds for the Orioles and that position. To start the feature off, I’m going to talk about second base.

The position of second base has been unquestionable for over a decade now. We always knew who would there, at the top of the line-up, playing at 2nd: Brian Roberts. After the last few seasons, we’ve learned the hard way that B-Rob is extremely injury prone. Last season he missed countless games with an injury and this season, there hasn’t been an utterance of his return to the team in months since his concussion a few months ago. Even though his contract is until the year 2013, I no longer consider him as part of the team. I guarantee the Orioles will buy out the rest of his contract and go another way at second.

Now what way will they go? They could look to sign someone during the Winter Meetings as there’s looking to be a deeper-than-usual 2B crop this winter. Some of the names are Orlando Hudson (San Diego Padres), Juan Uribe (Los Angeles Dodgers), Robinson Cano (New York Yankees), Brandon Phillips (Cincinnati Reds), Aaron Hill (Toronto Blue Jays), Mark Ellis (Colorado Rockies), Freddy Sanchez (Boston Red Sox), Kelly Johnson (Toronto Blue Jays), Rickie Weeks (Pittsburgh Pirates), Clint Barmes (Houston Astros), Omar Infante (Florida Marlins), Jose Lopez (Florida Marlins), and Ryan Theriot (Los Angeles Dodgers). Granted, many of those guys will sign new contracts/use options to remain with their current team. However, not all of them will.

Still, I think the Orioles already have a second basemen who could do really well with the team. That guy is Ryan Adams. He’s only played 29 games at the major league level but is impressing me already. His average this season is .289 and even though he has no home runs and only 3 RBI, he gets on-base a lot; his OBP is .341. I’m not saying he’s going to be a Hall-of-Fame second basemen or a power-hitter or anything like that but he’s a good 7th or 8th hitter who will get on base and play solid defense every game. Oh and he’s also the O’s number 4 prospect overall so you know the kid is good.

I’m glad Showalter is having him in the line-up consistently to see how he does in the majors and how he progresses with more and more plate appearances. I prefer him over Blake Davis and any other second basemen guys the O’s have in the minors right now and I hope he continues to get the start for the majority of the rest of the season.