Orioles to Take on Angels in Series Not Worth Staying Up For


Tonight marks the first of a 3-game set against the Angels in California meaning game time is 10:05 PM for us East Coasters. Granted it’s the weekend, but if you don’t stay up real late on the weekends, this game isn’t worth it. If you are a night owl, go out and do something else that will be much more worth your time.

There’s really no point in watching the Orioles at all anymore but what else is there to do on week nights? Nothing really. But late at night or on the weekends, it’s pointless. They suck and will for the rest of the season and will probably win 10-15 games MAYBE these last 2 months.

Tonight it’s as unexciting as it gets as it’s Jo-Jo Reyes vs. Dan Haren. Haren’s a pretty good pitcher as he’s 12-6 this season with a 2.95 ERA. He’s coming off two straight no decisions where he went 6 2/3 innings and 7 innings, respectively. Great. We already barely have a chance of winning. Add that with Reyes on the mound (who is coming off a good start, but besides that isn’t having a great year), I doubt the Orioles are going to pull a win off.

If you’re sick and not tired and do stay up tonight to watch, good luck. I’d say just do some scouting on Reyes who may be a part of the rotation next season or at least the bullpen. Let’s see if he can pull together 2 straight wins.

You may have noticed that I’m really being a Negative Nancy, if you will, about tonight. What else can I be though? I’m tired of being that optimistic fan because I get hopeful every night that maybe they’ll get a win and then win a series but I just set myself up every night for disappointment and heartbreak. If you have been doing the same thing as me all season and for the last decade, try this new approach out. I feel kind of badass because I’m in a “I don’t give a f-ck” attitude, which is a nice change. It’s the only thing I can advise doing to get over the very long depression we have been in over the state of this team.