Is There a Blessing Disguised in the Newest Bad News?


Can the Orioles ever catch a break? I seriously think they will never have a winning season ever again if their fortunes keep playing out like they are currently.

We know how unlucky they are with players in the minors, prospects they draft or trade for, the young guys, you know what I mean (starting pitching, anyone?). Then there’s Brian Roberts being out, Luke Scott being out, Zach Britton going back on the DL, and Jake Arrieta being done for the year because of a bone spur.

Now, there’s news that Chris Davis, the newly acquired first basemen from Texas, is heading to the DL as well with a shoulder tear (ouch). Although he’s just been placed on the 15-day DL, it seems pretty likely he’s out for the season. Great. We get a new 1B who plays good defense and adds a pretty decent bat to the line-up and a few weeks later he’s out for the season. I know this season doesn’t matter because it’s trash, but still, I’d like to win a few more games these next 2 months, taking away Davis doesn’t help things.

However, as the title of this post suggests, I believe there may be a blessing in this latest of a long line of unlucky breaks for our beloved O’s. After Davis was put on the DL, the new line-up for tonight’s game was released with Mark Reynolds taking over at first, putting Josh Bell at 3rd. This means Reynolds won’t be at 3rd to have unsightly errors that cause games! Wow! It’s Christmas already! I’m just a typical Baltimore fan, trying to find the positive out of any terrible situation, so cut me some slack. You can’t deny how scary it is every time a grounder is hit in Reynolds’ direction at 3rd with men on base because you know he could easily allow those men to score with a bad play.

Let’s just hope Brian Matusz can go out there on the mound tonight, fresh off a few solid starts at Norfolk, and get his team a win to make it their 3rd in a row, and their first series win in a long time. Go O’s!