See, Buck? Changing the Line-Up Works!


I know I’m a little behind the times and I apologize for that, I’ve had a crazy few days. However, I would like to discuss Wednesday night’s extra-inning 6-4 win over the White Sox.

Wednesday night was the first night I’ve seen a different line-up in a very, very long time. Now I’m not saying the line-up was perfect and that I was thrilled with it but I am saying that I was extremely excited to see that Showalter finally changed something up. The line-up was as follows: Felix Pie, J.J. Hardy, Nick Markakis, Adam Jones, Matt Wieters, Mark Reynolds, Chris Davis, Nolan Reimold as the DH, and Robert Andino.

Here’s what I love: Vladimir Guerrero was on the bench. Adam Jones was hitting clean-up. I would prefer Reynolds to be there but Jones is a close second. Nolan Reimold getting a spot in the line-up.

Here’s what I hate: Felix Pie leading off. He’s super speedy, yes, but to use his speed, he has to get on-base which he doesn’t do very well. I feel he’s had plenty of chances to prove himself and that he hasn’t. He doesn’t deserve to start. Reimold should be in the line-up almost every day so we can see what he’s got. We know he’s a decent power hitter as he hit the walk-off 2-run homer in the bottom of the 10th to win the game. But we don’t know how good of an all-around player he is because the sample size we have is so small since he barely plays.

Adam Jones did very well in the clean-up spot going 3-for-5 with a triple short of the cycle. Last night, the line-up went back to normal: Hardy, Markakis, Jones, Guerrero, Wieters, Reynolds, Davis, Reimold, and Andino and they lost. I’m not saying it’s all because of the line-up (Chris Tillman allowing 4 runs before recording an out may have played a role in the loss) but it’s not just a coincidence either.

Tonight, the line-up has been shifted again. Nolan Reimold will be leading off playing in left followed by J.J. Hardy, Nick Markakis, Adam Jones in the 4th hole again, Vladimir Guerrero 5th, Mark Reynolds, Matt Wieters, Chris Davis, and then Robert Andino. I’m really happy because it seems that Showalter is playing with the line-ups to see what works so he has a set line-up for next season. Obviously, we don’t have all the players that will be here next season as Guerrero will be gone and there will be a new second basemen not named Brian Roberts, Robert Andino, or Blake Davis. However, Buck is working with what he has now and is changing things up. Thank God he realizes there’s no point to this season anymore so he can start preparing for next season. I love this and really hope he keeps it up. Now let’s get a win tonight boys so my point can remain proven!