Maybe Pitching is Getting Better…


You know as well as I do that the Baltimore Orioles don’t give us fans much to be happy about or much to be optimistic about but being the optimistic Baltimore fan that I am (I can’t help it) I have found something to be a little hopeful about.

I’ve been writing, okay obsessing, over the pitching situation for a few days now. And for good reason because that situation, well there really isn’t a situation right now. BUT, things have turned around recently.

Orioles starting pitchers have tossed 5 consecutive quality starts. A quality start is defined as pitching at least 6 innings and giving up 3 earned runs or less. Guthrie started it off July 19th against the Red Sox where he pitched 7 innings when he allowed 8 hits and 2 runs in the Orioles win. The next night, Jake Arrieta lasted 7 innings in the Red Sox series finale where he gave up 9 hits and 3 runs in the loss. Then, on Friday, Alfredo Simon pitched 6 2/3 innings against the Angels allowing 6 hits and 2 runs in the Oriole loss. Saturday, Brad Bergesen was on the mound where he tossed 6 innings of 6-hit, 2-run ball in the O’s win. Finally, Guthrie went out on Sunday and pitched another 7 innings allowing 6 hits and 3 runs before the bullpen allowed 6 more runs to score in the Orioles loss.

The only way to take that information is in a positive light and it’s not even like I’m taking unimportant statistics to make it seem like the Orioles are better than they really are. This is a very important, bright spot in this team’s struggles right now. Even though the Orioles lost 3 of those 5 games with the quality starts, the starters are out there being effective, consistent, and solid. If the starting pitching can continue to go out there and do what they’ve been doing the past week, then we need to focus our anger to the offense because they haven’t been getting it done in order to win games.

Up on the mound tonight is Jake Arrieta and Brandon Morrow for the Blue Jays. Although he received a loss in his last start, it was a quality start. He’s 9-7 now with a 5.02 ERA but looking for his 2nd straight quality start and hopefully he can get in the double digit win club.

Morrow is 7-4 with a 4.34 ERA. His last start resulted in a win (he’s coming off 2 straight) as he went 7 innings allowing 7 hits and 3 runs (also a quality start). He’s a heavy strikeout guy as he has 117 on the season so far.