Video Jaunt


As I was writing the post about the uniforms and typed into Google, the owners of the World Wide Web, “orioles black jersey” the Google suggestion “orioles black and orange” came up. I couldn’t resist like a kid with a cookie jar to click and listen. Well, what a surprise I got!

With a name like D Boi, you know you’re successful. Also, it’s titled as the Orioles Official Anthem. I don’t see ANY MLB licensing about the song so STOP LYING D BOI!! As you listen, you’ll learn that it’s really not about the Orioles much. It’s more about the city of Baltimore. But, then again, I could be wrong because all you can understand is “black and orange” “blah blah blah Baltimore blah blah Baltimore” “something something Birdland” and “Ripken” so who knows, these dudes could be completely bashing the Orioles, Baltimore, and the colors black and orange. Lastly, the guy commented on his own video saying “I’m not a gangster rapper from Baltimore but just a normal teen. Love that fucking place.” Mk, well if you live in Baltimore, have the name D Boi, and make a rap video about Baltimore, the Orioles, and their colors with a bunch of your “boys” then NEWSFLASH: you are a gangster rapper from Baltimore.

Look that shit up on Wikipedia and you will see the criteria for being a gangster rapper from Baltimore as follows:
1. You must inhabit the city of Baltimore and love it more than life itself (check)
2. You must have a name that includes at least one of the following: fly, whiz, boi (not boy), g, mane, la (for girls), shanaynay (girls), etc etc.
3. Make music by rapping aka talking very fast to beatz.

And, we all know how accurate Wikipedia is.

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