I Can’t Watch


The Orioles have started off the second half of the season with an 8-4 loss dropping their 8th game in a row. This just in..the Orioles stink. This also just in…it’s not going to get better.

It has gotten so bad, that I am at the point where I can’t watch. I love the Orioles so much, but at the same time I can’t watch my favorite team like this. I feel like I’m watching my dog get attacked by wolves while being held down. There is nothing I can do, so I can’t bring myself to watch as they go down.

I have mentioned a few times in my blog posts that I am an Orioles fan who is living in New Jersey. I don’t get an opportunity to watch the Orioles that much outside of the games they play against the Yankees. They were actually on tv tonight and I didn’t turn the game on once. I am at the point where I couldn’t even give them a chance. I knew the odds were they were going to lose and I knew it wasn’t going to be enjoyable for me.

I have to admit, as a diehard Orioles fan I feel bad that I am not watching them on tv. A part of me feels like I am not being a loyal fan by not watching them when they are on tv. However, I know I will never switch favorite teams just because the Orioles are terrible, but at the same time, I’m not going to let myself get frustrated over the teams terrible play.

I also will not be going to Camden Yards to watch an Orioles game this season. I planned on going one weekend this summer to Camden Yards to watch a game, but I realized I am not going to waste my hard earned money on a trip to Baltimore. I am a 25 year old kid who doesn’t make a lot of money. I am not going to waste an entire day driving down to Baltimore and pay for parking and overpriced food to watch my favorite team play bad baseball.

I’m not going to jump ship because I will always be an Orioles fan through the good and the bad, but I refuse to stand by and watch my favorite sports team fall to rock bottom. I can’t remember the last time when I was proud to proclaim myself an Orioles fan. Peter Angelos, the Orioles organization, and the players owe it to Orioles fans who have stuck by this team to turn this around. Somehow the Orioles have managed to take the fun out of watching baseball. I’m not going to watch until they make it fun to be a baseball fan again.