Orioles Find New Ways to Lose – Goodbye Gonzo


The Orioles lost to the Yankees 4-1 in 15 innings last night, their second straight loss where they had to work very hard to figure out a way to blow the game. In Boston Monday night, nearly every member of the O’s bullpen was at their worst in coughing up a 6-0 lead to the Red Sox. Last night it was the offense that couldn’t stumble their way to a run in extra innings despite the bases loaded twice. Its been a team effort in making sure the O’s keep their grip on their rightful home in the basement of the AL East.

Who could’ve known two days in May would be so pivotal in determining the state of the O’s rebuilding? They were one good pitch and one good swing away from being 21-20 and second place with two wins. If one reliever steps up against Boston and one hitter comes through against the Yankees, they knock down the two bullies on the block and they are winners. Young girls stare at them with starry eyes and sportscasters fall over themselves talking about the great turn around the Orioles are on the other side of.  Instead they are 19-22 and back in the basement, and more importantly, looking like losers again.

I won’t recap last night’s disaster, as I’m sure many will chronicle all the blown chances. I have to admit that I turned off the TV when Michael Gonzalez came in with two on and no one out in the top of the 15th. No thanks, I’d seen this one too many times already this year. As I watched MLB Network’s Quick Pitch this morning I wasn’t really surprised he only lasted two pitches – one a laser, 2 RBI double by Robinson Cano and the second off the helmet of rookie Chris Dickerson. Goodbye Gonzo. We’ll remember you right along side of guys like Garrett Atkins and Sammy Sosa. Can we get a refund?