Things I hate


I apologize but tonight is the night for a rant. Though the O’s game is still going on, they are down 4-0 in the 7th and it doesn’t seem that they’re going to be making a comeback. However, this isn’t going to be a rant as to how they aren’t playing well, because winning 3 of 4 in a series is still pretty damn respectable (even though its against a not-so-respectable team right now).

1. Double Plays:
Ok. This is possibly the worst thing in baseball for me. It’s so annoying how one stupid ground out ball can end an inning that seemed positive. When there’s an inning with a man on first and 1 out and you’re down by 1 or 2 or 3 and you think “ok, whatever you do don’t get a double play” and what do you know? Lee or Guerrero or Reynolds does it! (Sorry to pick on those three, but they just do it so well). DPs just ruin the experience of baseball for me when my team grounds into them one or two times during the game.

2. Losing:
I know, I know. Everyone hates losing. I haven’t met a person that doesn’t, but it’s still worth addressing here! Now, as many people know and as many have experienced: there’s two types of losses. I’m not quite sure which one is worse yet, but let’s analyze both.
The “holy-sh*t-my-team-is-a-collection-of-the-worst-athletes-in-the-world-can-you-even-call-them-athletes?” team: I know it’s a mouthful, but we’ve all been there. Well, as O’s fans, we’re there pretty much every season but then there’s specific games such as the 15-3 loss to the Yankees the Orioles faced earlier this season (including 5 HRs, one of which being a grand slam). These games suck. It’s a brutal slap in the face to how terrible your team, your heart and soul, really is and it definitely leaves most in a state of depression. How much worse can it get?
Then there’s the “wow-my-team-was-awesome-and-then-fell-apart-and-has-now-left-me-more-heartbroken-then-my-ex” team: I think this one is possibly worse. This is the game when your team is winning and gives up a big lead, or your team comes from behind and still ends up losing. This happens to every team, but probably more so to the O’s since they lose more than everyone else. Also, if you’re a Ravens fan you’ll remember last season in the playoffs against the Steelers (which the Ravens cannot beat) when the Ravens were up like 21-0 at halftime and ended up losing. Yeah, those kinds of losses shatter your heart into pieces and leave you scarred for hours or days.

3. Giving up homeruns:
What else makes your heart sink then when you see the opposite team member’s ball flying into the stands and that ugly ass team member running around the bases with that smug “I’m-pretending-like-I’m-not-excited-but-I-really-am” face? That’s right, nothing. It sucks. Especially when there’s other opposing team members on base when the opposing team member at the plate hits the homer. Speaking of, Josh Rupe just gave up a 2-run homer to Konerko to go up 6-0 and I have officially turned playoff hockey on instead. Homeruns change games and kill the pitcher who gives ’em up.

4. No offense:
This one is specifically for Jeremy Guthrie. I feel so bad for the kid. He has pitched well in every game this season (except against the Indians) and only has 1 win on the season. He deserves at least 3. But, the offense does not give him any run support whatsoever. He’s probably the most consistent starting pitcher in the rotation besides Britton, yet has nothing to show for it (well his ERA is pretty good). Every time, he deserves the win, but every time he gets the loss or no decision because of the ZERO offense by the batters. This needs to stop! This happened again tonight, Guthrie gave up 4 runs on 5 hits but got no score by the O’s. He pitched a pretty decent game but will get the loss tonight.

5. Not scoring with RISP:
This sucks almost as much as the DP, but the DP is typically what causes this. I just heard, the O’s have left 10 men on base during the game tonight, 5 of which were in scoring position. Yet, they still haven’t scored one run tonight! This is where clutch hitting should be coming in and I think the O’s are typically pretty good at clutch hitting, but not tonight. Breaking news: Matt Wieters grounded out with RISP tonight so he is now 9 for 11 (.818).

6. Grand Slam Hope:
We all feel this. The bases are loaded and you say “Oh boy, here it is, here comes a grand slam, I feel it.” But, typically, you’re feelings are wrong. Grand slams are rare, which makes them even more exciting when they do happen (if you want to look at it that way). FYI: I’ve always wondered has there ever been a situation when it’s the bottom of the 9th, the home team is down by 3 runs, there’s 2 outs and the count is 3-2 and he does it, the batter hits a walk-off grand slam. Well, I had enough time on my hands to Google it. And guess what O’s fans, Oriole Chris Hoiles did this on May 17, 1996 against the Mariners. And even better, this is the only time this ultimate, ultimate grand slam has happened (at least to my Googling knowledge).

7. Empty Seats:
I know this isn’t just an Oriole problem and that it’s actually a problem for almost all teams besides the Phillies, World Series winning Giants, and the Yankees, but it’s been an Oriole problem ever since I’ve been going to games basically. I just hate seeing green seats EVERYWHERE in Camden Yards. I know the O’s have a decent fan base and that the fans are loyal but why can’t you all be loyal enough to attend the games? The tickets are cheap as anything!! JUST GO TO THE GAMES!! They’re fun!

Ok, rant over for now. Im hoping a 9th inning 6 run 2 out rally is about to happen. Lee just hit a 2-run homer after Markakis was walked (Izturis took his place on the base because Markakis seems to be hurt UH OH) then Vladdy got a single and Luke was walked. It’s all down to AJ who already has a 3-hit night; can he do it again?

Alert: Markakis is back on the bench, let’s hope that means he’s okay.