Rain, rain go away


Unfortunately, the rain did not stop coming down in New York, forcing the first game of the 3-game series against the Yankees to be postponed.  This already happened in Baltimore against the Rangers last weekend, forcing a double header on Saturday.

The schedule for how this game will be made up has not been announced yet but my guess is that there will be either a double header tomorrow or one on Thursday.  However, it’s also supposed to rain all day and night tomorrow in NY too.  So if tomorrow night’s game gets postponed too, then my guess is as good as yours as to when they’ll make the games up.

This has some positives and negatives. Positive: all the pitchers get rest, the starters and the bullpen, which could also lead to more options for the O’s at starting pitching.  The plan was for Tillman to pitch tonight and Arrieta to pitch Thursday and eight having Chris Jakubauskas pitch Wednesday or call Brad Bergesen up.  If Jakubauskas was to pitch Wednesday, it would be on three days’ rest.  So, if there is a double header on Thursday, he’ll be more rested and the more likely option.  If there’s a double header tomorrow, Tillman will have an extra day of rest.  As for the bullpen, they can take all the rest they can get because of the extremely short starts the starters have thrown the past few games against the Rangers.  This is very important and definitely an advantage for the O’s.

The negative side: Well, there is the fact that the Yankees’ pitchers get extra rest too. But, besides that, the O’s may have to play another 18 straight innings.  The O’s lost big time to the Rangers in the second game (13-1) and not only was the starting pitching bad, but everyone out there on the field or at the plate just looked tired.  The O’s only got 4 hits and the only score was Adam Jones’ solo home run.  That’s not the kind of playing the O’s need to show again, which could very well happen playing a double header, and one against the Yankees at that.

Though there are both good and bad sides to the postponement, as a fan, it sucks. I was definitely looking forward to this game and now I’m sad that I have to wait until tomorrow or possibly even later to see the O’s take on (and hopefully beat) the dreaded and much-hated (by every person NOT a Yankees fan) New York Yankees.