Sights and Sounds of Four and O!!


Yes, it has been a long, long time since we’ve had this kind of excitement around Birdland. I know its only four games into a long season, but let’s enjoy it while we can. The Orioles’ April schedule will soon bring the AL Playoff team brigade, including the Yankees twice, the Rangers, Twins and Red Sox. If we’re still looking down at the AL East on May 5th, then it is going to be an incredible year.

But for now, let’s enjoy some of the sights and sounds that Oriole fans haven’t experienced in years:

 A Sold Out Camden Yards – And nearly everyone in orange!

 9th Inning NOISE – It got loud as Koji Uehara got Brandon Inge to fly out to Nick Markakis in right to end the game.

 Talking Heads Talking Orioles – The second story on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight Monday, where the guys spent 5 minutes on the Orioles, including a live call with ex-Baseball Tonight Studio Analyst Buck Showalter.

Sports Center scrolled to the Orioles Tuesday morning as their second story as well, giving top billing only to Connecticut over Butler in the NCAA Men’s Basketball final.

 Everyone’s Talking Orioles! – The poll question Tuesday was “How many games do you think the Orioles will win this year?”.    ESPN SportsNations asked “What do you think of the Orioles start?  Fluke or Sign of Things to Come?”.  After 23,000 votes, the Nation was split 50/50.

 Power Rankings – I’ve seen the Orioles as high as 9th in all of baseball. The days of ranking in the upper 20’s seem to be behind us.

It’s only April 5th and it is only four games, but let’s enjoy it before the schedule turns to terror. An injury to Brian Matusz and the hospitalization of Jeremy Guthrie are reasons for concern. But right now the O’s are 4-0 and in first place, it can’t get any better than that.