Good News, Bad News


Yesterday provided some good news and some bad news. I bet you couldn’t figure that out by the title of the post. The Orioles lost 10-0 to the Yankees while almost being no-hit. On the other hand, there was some good news on the injury front. Manager Buck Showalter believes Brian Roberts, Derrek Lee, and Koji Uehara could see game action as soon as this weekend.

Normally a 10-0 loss wouldn’t mean much in spring training, but I have been seeing a disconcerting trend. The Orioles pitchers have been getting rocked. Within the last week alone, Orioles pitchers have given up 8, 13, 9, 14, and 10 runs. I realize it is still very early and it is only spring training. Yes I know wins and losses don’t matter yet. However, you still would like to see some better results.

The Orioles spring training record is 8-9 with two ties thrown in, which isn’t bad considering all the injuries they have had. Obviously, you can’t take their record seriously because it is spring training, but I have to admit I still want to see the Orioles win games.

I think what really is bothering me is the way the Orioles are losing some of these games, particularly yesterday’s 10-0 loss. Not only did their pitchers once again get hit hard, but they nearly got no-hit. Fans just have to hope that with a couple more weeks of spring training left, Orioles players will start to get into game shape for the season and start playing a little better.

Overall, I would take the good news with the injuries over the bad news. Having Roberts, Lee, and Uehara for opening day is much bigger news than a bad spring training loss. Roberts, Lee, and Uehara mean more wins during the season and it is vital that these guys get healthy for the season. It was starting to look bad for a moment for all three of these guys, so let’s just all cross our fingers and hope they do end up playing this weekend and they can stay healthy.

Justin Duchscherer is another story. He is going to be shut down for a few more days, leaving him in serious question for the start of the season. However, he was a question mark from the start due to his injury past. Also, the Orioles have Tillman and Britton who are major league ready. The bigger question in the Orioles rotation will be the overall effectiveness of their young starters.

Yesterday certainly was a good news, bad news day but I am going to take the good news. Hopefully, Roberts, Lee, and Uehara will see game action this weekend and the team can start to play some better baseball as opening day gets closer.