Time to Show Some AL East Pride


Leading up to Spring Training, Fansided is putting togather a little friendly competition between division rivals. Birdswatcher is going to be voting for the best starting lineup and pitching staff comprised of only AL East players.

You the readers will then be able to vote for the best AL and NL divisional team then the best overall divisional team in baseball. Each teams bloggers will be deciding which players will make up this AL East super team, but if there are any ties, you the readers will have a chance to vote for who should be the final pick.

Once the AL East team is set, you will vote on which division has the best team (we at Birdswatcher are of course rooting for the AL East). Finally, the readers will vote on the whether the best AL or NL divisional team is the best “fantasy” team in baseball.

This can get confusing but just keep your eyes on Birdswatcher and we will keep you updated on everything you need to know. If there are any ties we will let you know where to vote and we will tell you when you can vote for our AL East team. We will do our best to coexist with the rest of the AL East to make up the best team possible. We are going to be collaborating with BoSox Injection, Yanks Go Yard, Rayhawk Review, and Jays Journal to decide which players make up the best possible AL East team. Here is hoping we can get a few Orioles players to represent this team!