Offseason Moves May Be Supplying False Hope


Without getting into the x’s and o’s of the Orioles offseason, I would say the Orioles had a rather busy winter. I’m sure I will ask fans later in the offseason what grade you would give Andy MacPhail and the Orioles on their offseason moves. However, for now, I just want to bring up the possibility that the Orioles didn’t have as great an offseason as some would believe.

While I know there could still be some moves made, my initial judgment is that the Orioles had a great offseason. To be honest though, I think that is just because the Oriole made numerous moves. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to be the right moves.

MacPhail has made a number of moves, including acquiring three new infielders. Despite a slow start to the offseason, MacPhail actually had an active winter. However, just because the signings and trades were made, doesn’t mean they are going to work out. Orioles’ fans may want to remember Garrett Atkins, Miguel Tejada, and Mike Gonzalez as examples.

Once again, I am not going to ask how fans would grade the Orioles offseason just yet. I still believe there could be a move or two completed before spring training and it’s not fair to judge the Orioles offseason before they have completed everything they wanted to get done.

I just wanted to warn fans that are optimistic about the Orioles upcoming season, based on the moves that were made this winter, that offseason activity doesn’t always equal wins. I am very hopeful for the Orioles this season and I like the moves that were made so far. However, I also was hopeful for the Orioles last season and I also liked the moves the Orioles made last offseason and we all know how that worked out.