Arbitration Process Begins Today

By Editorial Staff

This may be the least interesting part of the offseason for Orioles fans. The arbitration process is set to begin today and the Orioles had six players who were set to go to arbitration. However, in the past couple days they have agreed to one year deals with Adam Jones and Jim Johnson. Earlier today the Orioles also agreed to a deal with Felix Pie.

I will be honest; the arbitration process has never interested me because usually it’s just a matter of the team and player settling on a large amount of money. You would think for all the negotiating that goes on during free agency over money that the arbitration process would interest fans more, but since the player is not going to go to any other team and the money isn’t theirs then who cares.

Adam Jones agreed to a one year $3.25 million dollar deal while Jim Johnson agreed to a one year $975,000 dollar agreement. Just minutes ago Felix Pie agreed to a one year $985,000 deal. This does not mean they will be free agents after this season, but rather they have agreed with the Orioles on how much they will be paid this season. They will then go to arbitration again next season and go through the same process. The last three players the Orioles will have coming up in arbitration are Luke Scott, Jeremy Guthrie, and J.J. Hardy.

The Orioles and each of the players will submit the amount of money they think the player should make for 2011. They will inevitably just settle on a number in the middle. Under Andy MacPhail, the Orioles have been very good about coming to an agreement with players without the players’ feelings being hurt, which can happen when the team is trying to make the case for the player making less than they want to get paid.

I know I don’t want to be told by my boss all the reasons why I don’t deserve the raise I’m asking for. Hopefully for Orioles fans the process will work itself out and nobody’s feelings will be hurt and everyone will be happy.

Also you want to keep in mind; out of the three remaining arbitration eligible players J.J. Hardy is the only player who will become a free agent after this season. Most players go through three seasons of the arbitration process after their third, fourth, and fifth seasons of major league service. After their sixth season they can become a free agent. Luke Scott and Jeremy Guthrie are the next to become free agents. They have one more season after the 2011 season to go through the arbitration process then they can become free agents after the 2012 season.