The Baltimore Orioles Christmas List

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I hope everyone has been having a great holiday season thus far. I know my family and I have; we’ve been through more pumpkin pies and board game disputes (all in good fun) than I can count.

Santa brought me an Amazon Kindle this year and I absolutely love it. I’ll now be able to read up on our Orioles even more. This got me thinking, what would the team and fans have asked for Christmas if they could?

I’ve devised a short list of things I would like to see out of my Orioles, some realistic and others not so much. This is just a starting out point; let’s add to this list!

1.     Take down the Hilton hotel – Where did the view go? That’s what many Orioles fans say when they visit Camden Yards who haven’t been in the last several years. There is now a large skyline Hilton hotel past centerfield, which has erased the great view of downtown Baltimore and the Bromo-Seltzer Tower. What a shame.

2.     Healthy B-Rob – Brian Roberts only played in 59 games last season due to a myriad of injuries. He sets the pace at the top of our order and when making $10 mil next season, he needs to produce.

3.     Wonder Boy Wieters – Expectations were sky high when he came into the league, to say the least. The man has his own website,, which sells Matt Wieters t-shirts and devises Chuck Norris-like jokes. My favorite has to be, “After Asking Him To Appear On Their Cover, Sports Illustrated Asked For Permission To Rename Their Magazine “Matt Wieters Sports Illustrated”; Wieters Declined Saying He Didn’t Want To Limit Himself To Just Sports.” Wieters obviously hasn’t lived up to those expectations yet. However, he will only be 24 opening day and plays the most grueling and responsible position on the field as catcher. Give the man time.