Congrats to the San Francisco Giants

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Many Orioles fans are upset with Huff’s production this season and are asking themselves where was that with the Orioles. This season, Huff hit .290 with 26 home runs and 96 runs batted in. Through his 2 ½ seasons with the Orioles he had a .282 batting average and totaling 60 home runs.  Oriole fans can’t forget that he had one of his best offensive seasons in 2008, batting .304 with 32 home runs and 108 runs batted in.

I’m happy for Huff instead of being bitter one of our former players won a World Series. I’m excited to see the Giants win their first title since moving to San Francisco in 1958.

I believe this shows optimism for our Orioles. Two months before the regular season ended, not many analysts predicted the Giants would make it to the post season. The Giants were perceived as having a great starting lineup but an average bullpen and young, mediocre lineup. But, they had one of the best locker room and team atmospheres according to several baseball analysts and never gave up.

Hopefully, one day our Baltimore Orioles can say the same thing.