Baltimore Selects SS Manny Machado with Third Overall Pick


It’s about time the Birds did something right in the 2010 season.

With the third overall pick in the 2010 MLB draft, the O’s selected shortstop Manny Machado.  In 29 games for Brito Miami Private, Machado hit for a whopping .639 average, with 12 HRs and 68 RBI.  Considered the top prep position player in the Draft, the O’s had no other logical decision than to go with the high school middle infielder.

The O’s have until midnight on August 16 to sign him, and with Scott Boras as his agent, this may be easier said than done.  All I have to say is this:  They better get this kid signed.

This was said by Keith Law at

“If Machado stays at shortstop, you have a potential All-Star offensively who is no worse than average with the glove.  He needs some work, but there’s no physical reason he can’t play the position. He has an unbelievable arm. He has great bat speed, does it very, very easy. And I think he is going to grow into more power. … It’s not like it’s a consolation prize. I have him as the second-best guy in the draft.”

The executive editor of Baseball America Jim Callis had this to say:

“The question with him is: Does he put on enough muscle and outgrow shortstop?  “But I think he has a chance to be .300 guy with 20 home runs and an average defender. I still think you project him as an All-Star at third base, too.”

This is the happiest moment of the 2010 season, by far, for me.  If they get this kid signed, then the O’s may be looking at a bright future after all.