Trip to the Babe Ruth Museum


Yesterday was an interesting day for me as I finally got the chance to head over to the Babe Ruth Museum. I know that we as Baltimoreans tend forget about a lot of the wonderful local attractions in our city. Which is understandable, especially this time of year with the high electric bills

The feeling of standing in front of the house that Babe Ruth was born and grew up in felt so surreal. Once you pay your relatively cheap admission; you’re able to start walking through the house and feel the environment that he grew up in. I remember visiting the museum once when I was younger, but this time for an unexplained reason it had a hole new feeling.

As a Baltimorean since birth, and a baseball fan, I feel pride in knowing that the greatest player ever was from my city. In fact, my great grandfather went to the same school as Ruth.  In fact, many locals believe that Babe Ruth would not have been good as he was if it wasn’t for growing up in the rough environment of Baltimore. Who knows if it played a factor or not.

When you start walking around the house, you feel that typical Baltimore rowhome environment with the narrow halls. The bedroom he was born in overlooks a narrow Baltimore street filled with rowhomes. Although, now when you look two blocks down you’ll see lights of Camden Yards.

Also, at the Museum, you are able to touch the bat Cal Ripken used to break the consecutive games played streak. Next to Ripkens bat, you’re also able to touch and grip a bat that Babe Ruth once used. It’s interesting to see and feel first hand how much the bats have changed over the years.

The museum is a must see for all baseball fans young and old.  The house that Ruth grew up in is located on the 200 block of Emory St, which is not far from OPCY.