Are We Close Yet


The Orioles offense has been horrible as of late, a complete embarrassment. Every team goes through slumps offensively but with the lineup we have, I didn’t believe we’d have on that lasts this long. Some say its Trembleys fault, and others say it’s because the pitchers we have been facing the last few weeks. The fact though is, both manager and players have been letting the team down.

I believe though that we are finally going to start seeing the offense put everything back together. The last few games, the bats have been coming around and we‘ve been scoring early which is encouraging, but than it stops. Some of the guys in the middle of the order are starting to have some good bats as you could see last night with Markakis and Huff. Although I expect Mora to have a big drop-off from last season he has been having some decent at-bats as of late. The most encouraging sign is Wieters whose had 3 straight multi hit games.

You can see that the offense is starting to come around now, we’re just lacking the timely hits. Last nights game we left way to many men on base, largely thanks to Jones. Jim Palmer made a good observation that players are figuring out Adam Jones weakness, inside splitters and outside sliders. In the bottom of the 8th that’s what Soriano did to get Jones out to avoid the big inning. Hopefully tonight we can put all the pieces together and get a big offensive performance. Thankfully we are starting to work our way out this mess and get some wins, I’m feeling tonight is the night.