My Wieters Experience


I’ve been at the O’s games recently, which is the reason I haven’t been posting much. As most of you know, you have to go to the bars after the game. Anyway, it was a great experience to see Wieters first game. It started raining about an hour before game time, but thankfully it was only a 20 minute delay and turned out to be a great evening.

When the lead off hitter laid down a bunt to start off the game, nobody in the stadium expected it. The stadium went crazy every time Wieters stepped up to the plate and even though he didn’t get a hit, Oriole magic was in the air. His first few at-bats seemed like he was swinging late on the pitches which you know he’d eventually catch up to.

Luke Scott was the hero of the game though with two homeruns and one being a grand slam. He was being very patients at the plate waiting for his perfect pitch. It was nice to see the crowed of 40,000 plus screaming Luke and getting behind the team. We had Tiger fans two rows in front, which was sure enough left after the Yard erupted after the grand slam.

Last nights game was a awesome to see Wieters first hit, and being a single and a homer away from the cycle. The crowed last night was also very large and loud after Wieters got his hit. Although we lost, it wasn’t as bad knowing we a future star on our hands. With Wieters in the lineup from top to bottom it’s very dangerous.

It was a overall great two games to attend, as I haven’t seen Camden Yards that loud or crowded in a very long time. I also went to the Markakis walk in Patterson Park, you guys realize how nice that area has come recently. Anyway, back on topic, it was great to see Markakis and how devoted he is to the community. If you haven’t gone to a game recently, get out to the stadium and feel the rejuvenation of Oriole fanes.