Ouch. And Some Good News


So as you probably already know, today the Orioles lost 8-5.  To the Nationals.  I repeat, the Nationals. Chris Ray sucked, yet again.  I think that he has great stuff, but if you can’t throw strikes and then have to throw fastballs, you’re gonna get killed.  It really pisses me off as a fan that the supposed strength of the team, the bullpen is costing the team win after win.  Adam Jones was incredible again, and Nick Markakis continued to slump.  Brad Bergesen was great at the plate and impressive for most of the game on the mound.  But, you have to remember that he was pitching against the Nationals.  I loved Bob Feller’s appearance in the MASN booth, he was great to listen to.  It’s just one of those games where everything is working, and then boom!, a big inning, and then boom!, another big inning and then the game is over.  So, when there’s a game like this, you have to ask yourselves a few things as 2009 Orioles fans.

  1. When does Wieters get here? And Tillman? And Arrieta, and Matusz, and Hernandez and Snyder?
  2. Why is the bullpen so bad?  We know the talent is there, are they just not deceptive enough?  Maybe they aren’t talented and were just good in the past because they were new to hitters?
  3. Whose shoulders should the blame be put on?  Dave Trembley’s?  The players’?  Andy MacPhail’s?  The fans’?
  4. Do the players actually like it here?  In front of small crowds, losing games all the time and playing just to be replaced by prospects in the next few years?  Is that the big problem?

Now to the good news.

WIETERS WATCH: In his last 10 games, this is his statline. (he really needs a nickname, comment with one if you have it.) 39 AB, 13 H (.333 AVG), 9 R, 4 HR, 14 RBI, 1 2B, 2 3B, .350 OBP. That’s a really encouraging sign for a guy whose season started off very, very slowly.  The report is that he will be with the big club in a week or two, basically the start of June.  So stay tuned.