Organization And Management Frustrations


First off, I love Dave Trembley and believe he is a good coach. He always sticks up for the players, and is willing to get into a umps face. But, his decision making on taking out starters the last two seasons have been horrible. I remember towards the middle of last season a lot of us were questioning why he is taking out starters so early.

Tonight,  Koji pitched a great game only giving up one run off a Teixeira blast in the first. So what does Trembley decide to do, pull him. He said at the press conference after the game that he didn’t believe Koji was tired, just done. Trembley needs to stop going off his gut instincts and look at what we got. Our bullpen is not that good, and even worse without Sarfate. Trembley always preaches that pitchers should go late into games, but at times he takes them out to soon. True, Koji pitch count was getting high and his velocity may have gone down some, so I do understand that aspect. But, on the other hand, at least let him go back out in the 7th and see if he can get a few quick outs, if not than yank him. What do I know though, reason why I am watching the game, and he is coaching it.

Another thing that really ticks me off is the organization selling Yankee products in our stadiums. The store inside Norfolk Tide stadium sells Yankee hats, shirts, and other memorabilia.  Even though that really makes me mad, I understand that more than the team selling Yankee products inside Camden Yards. We are the Baltimore Orioles, we should in no way be selling Yankee products at the store inside our own stadium. It’s bad enough that every stand outside the stadium, and every sports store in America sells basically nothing but Yankee products.