Give Pie A Longer Chance


Felix Pie is a very interesting prospect in our organization, if you want to call him a prospect any longer. I really like Pie, his attitude, and his off-field demeanor. He has a lot of talent in him, but its taking longer than expected to breakout at the major league level. I for one believe they should keep him in the majors for a while, why not, we are going to lose anyway.

The way he plays, and the comments he makes, you can really tell he’s trying to become the player we all hope he can become. If Pie was content with the way he is playing, and not giving it his all or practicing hard, I’d be the first to say let him go.  We have to remember that he is very young, with a lot of expectations, and only proved himself in the minors.

Even though I like Pie, and believe we should keep him around a little longer, he should have limitations. Montanez has a load of talent at the plate, and should get more at-bats than Pie. Everybody is all over Pie right now because he is not being productive, but he still deserves a longer chance. He has all the mechanics and speed to become a great outfielder, and at times, and I mean very limited amount of times, he shown that he can be productive at the plate. I would much rather him playing in triple A right now, but it’s not worth losing him this soon. If Pie is still playing poor by the all-star break, pray he passes through wavers, and send him to Norfolk, and call up Reimold.