“Wieters Day” At Norfolk Tides Game


If you check a few posts down, on Sunday I told you that I’d write a post about the Norfolk Tides game and Wieters, well I’m finally getting around to it. The game was called ” Wieters Day” and everybody got a picture of Matt Wieters when you entered the gate. I was excited because I thought since it was his day, that Wieters would be out early giving autographs for people who wanted it on his picture. Unfortunately, I was wrong, and only ended up getting autographs from Robby Hammock, and Jason Berken who by the way is a pretty cool guy.

Anyway, when Wieters came out of the dugout to stretch and join his teammates on the field, he had a terrible limp. It was extremely obvious his hammy was bothering him, as he kept holding it and walking gingerly. Wieters was the DH for game, and looked horrible at the plate. His first plate appearance in the first, he struck out chasing a bad pitch, and got owned by number one prospect David Price. The only thing Wieters did the hole night was get a double off a hit down the first base line that the first baseman easily should of had.

Now, for the some what funny and embarrassing part. The guy who batted after Wieters hit the ball to second base for the third out, as Wieters went to third. When Wieters was walking to the dugout, he tripped and fell where the dirt and grass collide, and took two nasty tumbles in front of the Bulls dugout. Everybody in the Bulls dugout was laughing as Wieters was getting back up, and limped his way across the diamond looking like he hurt his ankle. It was embarrassing when our top prospect falls and tumbles hard just walking off the field. Honestly, it brought back Brady Anderson memories.

Lastly, Reimold is a monster at the plate. He hit two home runs, which were shots that almost went into the water, that is way beyond the outfield wall. His fielding was also very smooth, and ran under the balls effortlessly. I anticipate Reimold to be called up to play left field no later then the all-star break the way he is playing. One of our other prospects, Mickolio, came on in relief an was impressive. He pitched 1.1 innings without letting anybody get on base. Mickolio, can throw some serous smoke, as you could hear him popping the mitt from a far distance. Overall, our prospects were impressive, but I hope that Wieters hamstring won’t be anything serous and gets fully healed.