Midseason Call-Ups: Group 1


So with Matt Wieters in AAA, we know that he will be called up later in the season when his time comes.  This post will be about other players who you might see being called up before the September roster extensions, and the role they will play with the club.

Group 1: Players who have had Major League experience.

Kam Mickolio, RH RP.  Starting Level: AAA

  1. Heard of him?: Mickolio is a 6’7″ workhorse out of the bullpen who had a fairly successful September cameo last season out of the bullpen.  The reliever came to Baltimore as part of that lovely Erik Bedard trade.
  2. Strengths: Mickolio has a nice fastball that tops out at 97, a nasty slider, and is an imposing figure on the mound.
  3. Weaknesses: Mickolio throws a change-up to go along with his fastball and slider, but tends to underuse it, and mistime his use of it.
  4. When will we see him?: Mickolio is the system’s top reliever.  Whenever someone in the bullpen goes on the DL, expect the 6’7″ pitcher to be promoted.
  5. Projected Role: Mickolio will again be in the bullpen in middle relief, but will probably take a secondary role to Dennis Sarfate and Danys Baez.

Chris Waters, LH SP. Starting Level: AAA

  1. Heard of him?: You should have.  Waters came to the big club in August and one-hit the Angels over eight innings in his first start.  A month later, he shut out the Jays on four hits.
  2. Strengths: Control and stamina.  Waters is you standard “workhorse” guy who you can count on for 6 innings and few walks almost every start.
  3. Weaknesses: Contact.  Waters gives up too many home runs and big hits because he pitches to contact.  It’s just his style.
  4. When will we see him?: Waters is now a “4-A” player after his demotion back to Norfolk.  Expect him to be the first or second option when the team needs a spot start for injury or any other reason.
  5. Projected Role: Waters will be called up to make a spot start or few, and if he succeeds, could stay permanently on the big league squad, most likely in a long relief role.

Lou Montanez, OF.

  1. Heard of him?: Montanez was promoted in August after one of the best individual seasons ever by an Orioles prospect.  Known as Luis up until last season, Montanez went all Rays on everyone and with a name change, won the Eastern League Triple Crown at Bowie.
  2. Strengths: Bat speed and contact.  Montanez has one of the quickest swings you will see from any player, and can hit almost any pitch.  With that said….
  3. Weaknesses: Plate discipline and defense.  Montanez doesn’t draw a lot of walks, and has a Vlad-style approach when he’s at the plate.  He also has a sub-par arm and isn’t known as a great fielder.
  4. When will we see him?: Maybe not for a while this year.  With Felix Pie ahead of him on the depth chart, Montanez is behind one of the system’s most promising players, and might not get up before the September call-ups.
  5. Projected Role: Montanez will add outfield depth and be a reliable situational hitter for Dave Trembley off the bench.

Troy Patton, LH SP.  Starting Level: AAA

  1. Heard of him?: Patton was the key part of the Miguel Tejada deal that brought Luke Scott to the team with him. Last season he had shoulder surgery and did not pitch.
  2. Strengths: Experience and track record.  Patton is a minor league veteran, even if he’s only 23.  He has a 3.01 ERA in the minor leagues, and has been a head above the pack everywhere he’s gone.  Patton even started 3 games with the Astros in 2007.
  3. Weaknesses: Bouncing back.  Patton wasn’t in good enough condition to make the rotation out of spring, something many people thought he would do.  Hopefully he can succeed at Norfolk.
  4. When will we see him?: Whenever he is back to his old state of impressiveness, and a starter goes down.
  5. Projected Role: Will be a spot starter, and could stay in the starting rotation with success.

Group 2 coming soon.