This is Birdland Baby!


I woke up this morning and had a feeling that we’d finish today with a win. The Yankees pitching was really bad, from start to finish. CC did not look worth his money today, and dang is that guy fat. I was at the game, and I was extremely proud of our fans, and how loud we got on Mark Teixeira, it was absolutely crazy. It made it even better with his lackluster performance, and grounding the ball to second for a huge 3rd out.

Our new shortstop Cesar Izturis had an amazing game, going 2-4. He also had a huge 2 run homer that will be questioned on and on by ESPN. They were 2 much needed runs as the Yanks pulled within one. Izturis’ fielding was also very good, and had a much needed stop that got Xavier Nady caught between 3rd and home. I have to add, Nady couldn’t even try to avoid getting out, how lazy is he?

The offense was rocking tonight, as every O’s player who batted got a hit except Luke Scott, who walked twice. From top to bottom we were dominant, with key homeruns and timely hits. Zaun had a very nice hit into right field, I was also extremely impressed with game behind the plate. Hopefully, the offense will keep this going with the great pitching we’ll have to face against the Yanks and Rays.

The bullpen had its ups and downs. Chris Ray didn’t look like the same pitcher from spring training, giving up a 2 run homer to Matsui. Once Ray left the game, Jamie Walker entered only able to give up walks.  Thankfully, we had Dennis Sarfate, Jim Johnson, and George Sherrill to close out the game. Other than the walk, Sherrill looked really good with his movement and locations. I was expecting him to give up some hits and walks as he did a lot last season.  I can’t leave out Guts, he had a good game giving up 3 runs, 3 walks, and 3 strikeouts, very solid performance.  Lets keep up the Teixeira booing next two games!