Site News


I’ve been working on a few things to improve the blog the past week or two, and they are getting close to being done. I believe that these improvements and more viewer discussion will grow the community, and make the blog a larger, and more enjoyable hangout for Oriole fans. I’m hoping to have everything done by opening day.

Forum: Right now I’m in the works of creating a forum so we can discuss more things other than what I post on the main page. The forum will only be temporary until FSB sets us up with one. Which hopefully will get done within the near future.

Chat Room: To go along with the forum, I believe a chat room will be  another  interactive approach to discuss Oriole baseball, especially during game time, it will be a good alternative for a game-thread.

O’s Injury Page: If you look to the left side under “pages”, you will see a link for “Pitching injuries“. Here, I’ll keep up to date information on the Orioles pitching injuries, that always add up season after season. It will be interesting by season end, how many pitchers will be on the list at least once.

Team Preview: Starting tomorrow, I’ll start posting a Q&A from at least one blogger from every team.  I’m hopping to have the team previews done by opening day, it will be a good way to learn about all the teams in the MLB.

Podcast: This will probably take the longest to get done. But, eventually I’d like to get a Orioles podcast going within the year. Podcasts are a rapidly growing trend, so why not bring it to BirdsWatcher! If you are interested in starting a podcast, let me know.

I’m always looking to improve the blog, to make it the best place online for O’s fans. If you have any ideas of other things to add, I’m always open for listening. Just shoot be a email or leave a comment below.