My Q&A


Today has been a pretty slow day with Orioles news, other than Hayden Penn has a fingernail problem going on. With his past history, lets hope he isn’t out for rest of the season. Anyway, I recently did a Q&A for a fellow Orioles blog RoarFrom34, you can check it out below.

"Michael Worley recently launched a new O’s blog called Birds Watcher. Michael is a Baltimore native and lifelong fan whose loyalties were passed down from previous generations of family, an experience with which I can easily relate. Here’s what he had to say in response to some questions about the new site.When did Birds Watcher start?Birds Watcher is a fairly new site, we just launched it the end of February. Before that, I wrote baseball and basketball articles for other blogs.Who will be writing for the site?As of now just me, but I have a few people who are interested in joining the blogWhy, after all these losing seasons, did you decide to start an O’s blog?The love for the team. Even though the O’s have been losing season after season now, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Favorite O’s memory or memories?My favorite O’s memory has to be when Ripken broke th econsecutive-games played record. I remember sitting in the living room with my family that night with a tear in our eye. Another great memory was when Brady Anderson ran into the third base coach, that was a lot laughs. All-time favorite players?Brooks Robinson, nobody compares to him.As a college student, you’ve seen a whole lot more losing than you have winning. What sparked your passion for the O’s?Being born in Baltimore I’ve always stayed loyal to my home team. My parents and grandparents are also Oriole fans, and growing up I always listened to old stories about Memorial Stadium. Being a Oriole fan and hating the Yankees is deeply rooted in me.Why should O’s fans make your blog a regular stop on their trips around the Internet?I am not a professional writer, I’m just a life long Orioles fan who stuck with the team through all the bad years. I also enjoy sharing my opinion and believe many other O’s fan can relate to me. Also, I will be able to bring inside information time to time, as I’ll soon be doing an interview with Chris Ray and possibly other Orioles throughout the season."