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Greetings to all citizens of Birdland, visitors, etc! My name is Domenic Vadala, and I’m the new editor here at Birds Watcher. First off, a little about me; I grew up an Oriole fan, pretty much since age five or so. I attended my first Oriole games with my Dad at Memorial Stadium, however given that it closed in 1991 I’ve spent much more time at Camden Yards. (But I still have a soft spot for the “old lady of 33rd st). I’ve covered the Orioles for a couple of other sites over the course of the past couple of seasons but now I can only be found here, and I’m 100% dedicated to Birds Watcher. In my case I was familiar with this particular blog prior to joining the ranks, and I always felt that it was very well-written. It’s my hope that I can continue and be a big part of that tradition moving forward.

The O’s play 162 games per year, and I watch, listen, or follow (in some way, shape, or form) all of them. If I’m not following the O’s on MASN or on WBAL, I’m probably watching the game live at the ballpark. There really is nothing like taking in a game at Camden Yards, be it under the lights or under the blonde sunshine during an afternoon game. One thing I do want to do as we progress through the off season is to discuss the wonders of Oriole Park, and what a great ballpark that it is.

In the interim, please feel free to leave any comments that you suit you. Unless it’s something vulgar or inappropriate, I can personally guarantee you that I respond to all comments! So sit back, perhaps pull up a beverage, and get ready to talk Orioles baseball…well, perhaps at least count down the days until pitchers and catchers report!

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