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Baltimore Orioles Tickets - 5 Most Expensive Spring Training Games

Until recently, the Baltimore Orioles stood pat in free agency and other avenues to improve the team over the offseason. The signing of Korean pitcher Suk Min Yoon will help Baltimore’s attempt to get back to the playoffs after missing out in 2013. The Orioles will get a peek at how the team will fare within the division as all of the top five priced games in the spring come against American League East opponents. The average price for Orioles spring training tickets in Sarasota is $47.

3/15/14 vs New York Yankees | Avg. Price $68.03 | Get-in Price $35

A Saturday afternoon game against the Yankees brings the highest average and get-in price of the spring for the Orioles. Both of these teams finished 2013 with a 85-77 record and could again be tightly contested for a playoff spot during the 2014 season.

3/24/14 vs Boston Red Sox | Avg. Price $62.69 | Get-in Price $33

Three of the top spring games for Baltimore come against the Boston Red Sox. As the defending World Series champions, there’s bigger meaning to playing against the best competition, even in a spring training game.

3/11/14 vs Boston Red Sox | Avg. Price $62.44 | Get-in Price $25

Almost two weeks before, this game against Boston features almost exactly the same average price, but a $8 dip in the get-in price. The game taking place on a Tuesday afternoon could explain the difference in the starting prices.

3/8/14 vs Boston Red Sox | Avg. Price $58.43 | Get-in Price $21

The first home spring meeting between these two teams is both the lowest by average price and the get-in price. It’s the cheapest game of the three despite taking place on a Friday night, the only weekend game against Boston in the spring.

3/19/14 vs Tampa Bay Rays | Avg. Price $53.24 | Get-in Price $17

The Rays round out the all-AL East top five most expensive games for Baltimore. With Tampa Bay holding onto David Price during the offseason, the Rays could continue to be the team the Orioles need to pass in order to approach the top of the division during the regular season.

The Orioles will be looking to jump up at least into Wild Card contention throughout the 2014 season. Without many changes to the roster, spring training will just be a warm up for many of the players preparing to produce at a high level in the regular season.

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