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O's re-up with WBAL

This past week the Baltimore Orioles formalized a new contract with WBAL radio (AM-1090) to be the flagship station of their radio network for the next three seasons. The Orioles’ previous contract with the station expired at the conclusion of the 2013 season. The O’s returned to WBAL in 2010 after a three-year “hiatus” of sorts where the games were carried by 105.7-FM WJZ. However the Orioles’ relationship with WBAL is legendary, and in fact  WBAL itsel is the stuff of legends as well. It’s probably one of the best-known call signs on the east coast, and it has a very strong signal.

Many fans were a bit shocked when the O’s returned to the AM dial three years ago, and they’re probably still questioning why the Orioles

aren’t returning to FM radio. However as I said, WBAL has a very strong signal. As a broadcast major, I can tell you that AM signals have a stronger signal in general than FM; so the signal from the Orioles’ flagship station itself is probably stronger than it otherwise would have been. However here’s the best part: the broadcast is live. Many stations employ a radio delay of ten second (and in some cases even more) – even for live sports casts. WBAL carries the Orioles’ broadcasts live, which is a huge positive for fans who bring their radios to the games. So if you’re like me and you value baseball at it’s traditional core, this is good news!

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